Dear Colleague,

Thank you so much for clicking through to learn more about my campaign for the L.A. Community College District Board of Trustees.  Please join us for our official campaign launch this Thursday.  Details below.  


I know exactly what a high-quality, low cost community college can do to transform a life – because my own community college experience transformed mine.  Given the challenges we face as a city and as a nation, this is the time to reimagine one of Los Angeles's most under-appreciated and under-performing assets so it can transform more lives and deliver the positive social and economic change we urgently need.  


Even before the pandemic began, we were desperately short of skilled labor in L.A. and on track to produce fewer college-educated workers than economists project we need.  Like so many institutions in Los Angeles, the L.A. Community College District (LACCD) underperforms due to decades of corrupt and incompetent management.   Our collective futures are at risk if we do not do more to train the workforce we need.    

LACCD is the nation's largest community college district, enrolling over 200,000 students who are as diverse as Los Angeles is.  The student body is 60% Latino. The District educates more African American students than any other system of higher education in this state (i.e. there are more African American students in the LACCD than in the entire CSU and UC systems).  These students are being denied opportunities to excel because NO ONE holds this Board and the District's management to account.  

NO ONE on the Board comes from the private sector, which severely limits the type of thinking and experience the board brings to bear on its work.  In addition to using my experience to address many of the District's internal issues, I intend to build new bridges between the District's nine colleges and L.A.'s leading growth industries.  Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in the private sector will have more impact with a strong local talent pipeline and that's what these colleges should be: talent pipelines. 

Please check out my site, which will continue to evolve as the campaign moves forward, and read about some of my key priorities below.  I'm running a professionally staffed operation to unseat an appointed incumbent and I am well positioned to win if this campaign scales up quickly.  

I would be honored to have your support as I take on this challenge.  I'll be officially launching our campaign (via Zoom of course) this Thursday, 20 August at 5:45pm PDT just before Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. accepts his party's nomination for the presidency.  It would mean a lot to me if you could join us by clicking the button below to RSVP.   

Have any questions?  Please feel free to reach out.

Thank you!!


PRIORITY #1:  Managing through the COVID-19 pandemic by protecting employment and pay while meeting student needs in a deteriorating economic environment.





Nearly two-thirds of the District’s students experience food insecurity, and over half have struggled with housing insecurity. Tackling housing and food insecurity issues head-using models that more innovative community college systems elsewhere have used will be a top priority for me. 


Preparing the District’s students for the economic changes that we know are coming and that COVID-19 is only accelerating is another key priority.  Given the challenges Los Angeles faces, the District is in desperate need of a Trustee with a modern approach to management and the experience of being on the frontlines of a changing, global economy.  This Board needs to pay more attention to planning for the future. The District needs a comprehensive 21st century skills development program across all disciplines.  


If you know anything about local politics in Los Angeles, you'll understand why reform is needed.  I intend to champion reforms to make the District’s management more accountable to the Board and to reform the Board as a political institution with an emphasis on electoral reform and campaign finance reform.  Until that happens, you'll be happy to know that there are no campaign contribution limits in this race!  That donate button up there will accept any dollar amount from U.S. citizens and individuals with permanent resident status (commonly referred to as “green card holders”).  Any amount.