Political Reform

This District can no longer operate in the shadows of local government. Its role is too important. Shining more light on the District’s operations and reforming the Board’s electoral processes will only serve to improve representation and governance in the long-run.

None of the ideas I propose below are particularly new or radical. In fact, Trustee Veres suggested moving to geography/population-based districts over 2 years ago. Trustee Svonkin raised this very issue in his recent Daily News op-ed on the African American community and the District. Although Gov. Brown signed legislation to allow the District to replace the current at-large seats with geography/population-based seats in 2017, the Board has failed to act.

Moving to geography/population-based districts is the right thing to do in order to increase opportunities for representation on the board and to reduce the cost of running a campaign for a seat on the board. But there is a lot more than can be done to improve the democratic process as it relates to this board.

To reform the Board as a political institution, I will fight to:

  • Eliminate at-large elections for Trustees in favor of geography/population-based districts drawn by an independent commission.

  • Repeal AB 2572 to return the District to a primary/run-off system of electing Trustees.

  • Institute campaign contribution limits and voluntary spending limits for candidates seeking to be elected to the Board.

  • Establish a system of electronic disclosure and distribution of all campaign finance reports.

  • Increasing Board meeting accessibility.


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