Santa Monica College

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

As I’ve been telling family and friends about this race, I’ve often heard, “Oh, Santa Monica College, right?” No. Santa Monica College is governed by its own district that is separate and distinct from the Los Angeles Community College District. But Santa Monica College does take a lot of students who live in the Los Angeles district.

This map shows the location of the top feeder high schools into Santa Monica College over the last several years. The five biggest feeder schools after SaMoHi are all in the Los Angeles Community College District: Beverly Hills High School, Alexander Hamilton High School, Culver City High School, Venice High School, and University Senior High.

What do those dots outside of Santa Monica and Malibu represent to the LACCD? Lost revenue. And that’s a problem.

Santa Monica's reputation for educational excellence make it a leading choice for many students across the region but it doesn't need to be that way. Read Los Angeles City College graduate Kilmer Salinas's story here to understand the value that Los Angeles's colleges deliver.

The Los Angeles Community College District has a reputation and image problem that does not reflect the quality of its students, faculty and staff and the work they all do together. This board needs a voice that knows better and that will demand better from the marketing and communications consultants that are handsomely paid for their services to address these issues. I am that candidate.


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